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Adding skis to a tricycle gear plane
I bought the Parkzone “Archer” RTF and want to add skies to it. I bought the skies, but as I try to fit them I can see that there will be trouble with interference with the front wheel [it has tricycle gear]. The plane has an 8.25x5.5 prop and I’m wondering what size of 3 bladed prop I could replace it with to get some clearance to the front ski. For now I think I will pull up on the back end of the ski and tie it to the spring coil of the front landing gear. The specs for the Archer are found here:

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I did some more searching and found this:
A general rule of thumb for selecting a 3-blade prop for your engine is to reduce the applicable 2-blade size by one inch in the diameter measurement.
For example, if you are running a .40 size engine you would usually us e a 10 x 6 2-blade propeller. If you wish to run a 3-blade propeller, a good choice would be a 9 x 6 3-blade. Three blade props are quite often used where they are more scale looking than 2-blades, or when a smaller diameter propeller is required due to restricted clearance.
My plane has an electric engine, but at least this is a starting point, now I just need to find a 7.25x5.5 or 6x6.5 3 bladed prop somewhere.
This is my first plane and I’m kind of anxious to take it to La Barriere Park and go flying so this is what I’ve done – wish me luck. I mounted the front ski and set the spring for a very slight tip up stance, then I tied a piece of heavy macramé string through the gear leg and the back end of the ski to make sure it can’t tip up into the propeller. I’ll see what happens this afternoon.
Parkzones are good for beginners and easy to fly. i have got one.

I too bought this archer which is really good. In, I have read its working manual. You can get any answers about this.

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