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fraggs " Grizzly"
                    This truck is 6 wheel drive 6 wheel suspension and front wheel steering.
It was built in 1991. I named this truck " The Grizzly" . The frame was designed to
use parts from an R/C Monster truck produced by "Varicom" called the "Big Grizzly".
The Big Grizzly was one of the first R/C monster trucks on the market even before theTamiya R/C 1:10 truck Clod Buster.
Unfortunately the Big Grizzly was a dud. Parts broke easily. I spent a lot of time at the hobby store ordering parts to keep the truck going.
In the late 80s Varicom announced the discontinuation of this truck, so I purchased all the parts and full kits I could find.
Since the Big Grizzly was krap at crushing and racing I decided to build a 6X6. In an issue of R/C car action magazine from the 80s I saw a 6X6 called the Behemoth built using the Black Foot an old Tamiya R/C 1:10 truck.

Since I have decided to restore the Grizzly I need parts or whole trucks. Please e-mail me if you have and wish to sell
[Image: fraggment2.jpg]
My h3Ad hUrTZ
that's a really neat truck, thank-you for sharing
Massive build. Amazing photos.
Amazing pic

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