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vanquish scx10 build
well I wanted a killer scx10 so he is some pics of her in the making

all the parts [Image: IMG_3020.sized.jpg]

partially assembled

[Image: IMG_3021.sized.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3022.sized.jpg]

super nice machine work

[Image: IMG_3023.sized.jpg]

complete axle

[Image: IMG_3034.sized.jpg]

of course i had to use some killer rims

[Image: IMG_3270.sized.jpg]

all done

[Image: IMG_3274.sized.jpg]

more pics to come
[Image: IMG_3514.sized.jpg]
That is RC pornography, looking forward to this rest of this build.
nice build Ryan, not so poopy...
I like this forum better...
Thanks guys shes all done now but i was just digging up the pics i had of in the making
Here is some pics of the chassis when I built the truggy cage

[Image: IMG_0186.sized.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0187.sized.jpg]
Nice work Ryan, i want to do the Currie axles on my scx, but damn... they are expensive !!
I use to frequent your store when i lived there, now im out in Calgary and it is Trail Truck Heaven out here...if you ever make your way out to calgary bring your rig and some batts.. and come trailing.. you must beable to write of a Buisness
keep up the good work man ..
Thank you and I will keep that in mind
wonderful build. Great work
Nice work Ryan

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